Thursday, June 25, 2009

It´s been a year since I wrote a post here. I did not really feel like sharing whole year. Even though so many things changed. I lived in Prague for a year. And now I am leaving back home. I gained many new professional skills and learned a lot about myself. I attended some interesting courses. I have been to Brazil and Latvia. I found a boyfriend and still am very happy with him. I still love reading and found Biodanza and 5 rhythms - spontaneous dancing and I just love it. I learned (again) how emotional I am... I got tandem parachuting as a gift (still to be executed). Suddenly and recently, I lost a very close family member and it still hurts. I am afraid of what will be next as future is unclear now and I feel a bit lost. I it time to start new life period as I am definitely leaving AIESEC and students years. Gosh, I was studying whole my life! I met many inspiring people this year. And I just feel like I need somebody to hug me. And I found some initiatives I would to contribute somehow.

And after a year, I just had a sudden feeling I want to put a random post on my blog.

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arike said...

ahoj leni, dneska som sa sem dostala uplnou nahodou ... ale uplnou ... a tento prispevok posledny je velmi pekny a iba to som chcela :)
pozdravujem vas s jareckom